Date of Award


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University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)


School of Education

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Professor George Kugblenu


The primary intent of this degree paper is to discuss the participation of parents whose children are enrolled in the Atlanta Head Start Program. An attempt has been made to ascertain the extent to which parents are involved in the program.

The participation of parents in the Head Start Program is very crucial to the program’s success. This study reveals that parent.participation in the activities of the three centers under study, namely, the Robinson Center, the Grady Homes Center, and the English Avenue Center is marginal and does not live up to the program’s standard of “maximum citizen participation.” On the other hand, the staff members at these centers discharge their respective duties in a manner that encourages maximum parent participation in the program’s activities. However, if the centers could provide transportation to and from the centers for classroom activities or parent meetings, the lack of parent participation could be resolved.

The primary source of data for this study was obtained from interviews with the Director of the Head Start Program in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Directors of the three centers involved in the study, the Parent Involvement Coordinator, as well as interviews with the parents whose children are enrolled in the three Head Start Centers. Also, a wide variety of secondary information, books, periodicals, and unpublished materials was used.