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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Roy Hunter Jr.


This study was undertaken. to determine the behavioral pattern of dissociated 2-day old chick notochordal. cells in vitro. Notochords were dissected from embryos that had been incubated for 48 hours (18—20 somites) at 37.50 degrees celsius and complete— ly dissociated in a 2% tetra—sodium ethylene diamine tetra— acetic acid/calcium— and magnesium—free Niu—Twitty- solution. Pieces of notochordal tissue and dissociated cells were separately cultured in a fluid medium (1% dextrose/ca1cium~ and Niu—Twitty solution) by the lying drop single coverslip technique. Extensive outgrowth from the explant, cell division, and changes in cell shape were Observed in the cultured tissue fragments. The dissociated cells in culture aggregated to form clumps that possessed loose cell attachments. No cell division or noticeable change in cell shape, however, occurred in these cells. It was concluded in light of these observations that calcium and/or magnesium are intimately involved in the role of cell adhesion in the 2—day old chick notochord. Also, a 1%’ dextrose/calcium- and magnesiuium-free culture medium does not support mitotic activity of single notochordal cells of the same age.

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Biology Commons