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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

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Dr. George Kugblenu


The basic intent of this degree paper is to examine the problems a public agency experienced during the era of resource scarcity. An attempt has also been made to describe the strategic choice utilized by this agency to combat accelerating overhead expenses. In the last decade, many analytical instruments have been developed to alleviate the problems of declining resources at the state and local levels, but there is very little literature available on cutback strategies within federal aoencies. Recent budget cuts have created a need to reopen inquiry into the effects of resource scarcity on public organizations and their management systems. The research techniques used in the paper included: informal interviews with the Chief of Ward Administration and the Chief of the Ancillary Staff of the Medical Administration Section of the Veterans Administration Medical Center, also selected materials from journals, books and periodicals addressing the subject of cutback management. Other sources of information were government documents and several formal studies conducted within hospitals during a period of declining revenues.

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