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Interdenominational Theology Center (ITC)

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Dr. Edward P. Wimberly

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Dr. Calvin W. Kropp

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Dr. Edward L. Smith


This dissertation presented Good-Enough Mentoring as a model of Black pastoral counseling for the Black male pastoral counselor working with African- American men suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). This dissertation utilized the Self Psychology of Heinz Kohut; the Black Liberation Theology of James Cone; the political cultural discussion of nihilism from Cornel West; and the Afro-centric cultural re-education modeling of Na’im Akbar to treat the intrapsychic condition described by the technical term, NPD. The operating thesis for this dissertation was African-American men could be supported into the achievement of their life goals and dreams via the empathic responsiveness of Good-Enough Mentoring. This type of supportive relationship provided intrapsychically soothing, culturally confrontive, and communally re-educative empathy. The operating assumption of the method was that comprehensive re-education between African-American men was necessary for facilitating African-American male life goal and dream accomplishment. It was assumed that this type of mentoring is better achieved with a Black male pastoral counselor. The problem addressed in this dissertation was African-American male internalization of white supremacy. This is an oppressive European American consciousness that affirms its greatness and superiority in contrast to the inferiority and wretchedness of the African and any other ethnic group. This problem corporately manifests as nihilism, depression that stereotypically predisposes African-American male character and demeanor toward certain convulsive behavior and emotional incohesion.

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