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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Professor Earle D. Clowney


Although there have been numerous and varied treatments of Joan of Arc throughout the ages, there is to date no detailed, analytical study of Joan of Arc based on Jean Anouilh’s L’Alouette, Charles Peguy’s Jeanne d’Arc and Andre Obey’s La Fentre. The ob jective of this comparative study is to show the relationships, similarities, and differences that exist in these representative works.

After an introductory chapter which includes a biographical sketch of Joan of Arc and a brief summary of the historical facts which occurred during her lifetime, Chapter Two presents a bio graphical sketch of the playwright, Jean AnouiIh, emphasizing those forces and influences that helped to determine his philoso phy. It also reveals his treatment of Joan in L’Alouette through theme and characterization. Chapter Three examines the life and influences of Charles Peguy and his intensive interest in Joan of Arc. This examination reveals Peguy’s extreme devotion to historical accuracy in his drama.

Chapter Four presents Obey’s biography, Ms influences, philosophy, ideas and attitudes. His one-act play La Fentre is analyzed, reflecting a unique treatment of Joan through the character in absentia technique. This chapter is followed by a conclusion which, while highlighting the similarities and differences evident among the three works with reference to charac ter delineation, themes and influences, shows how each playwright has succeeded in creating a distinctly original drama about the Maid of Orleans.