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Atlanta University (AU)


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Dr. John M. Browne


An electrophoretic analysis was carried out on the mid-brain fluid of fetal rats from 13% to 14% days of gestation. This study was conducted to identify and monitor the glycoproteins synthesized during fetalogenesis of the rat brain on days 13% and 14%. In 13% days of gestation the total protein concentration increases from 0.1033 mg/ 100 ml to a mean of 0.1135 mg/100 ml on 14% day of gestation. The densitometric scans of 13% day fetuses mid-brain fluid showed a maximum of 2 bands and 14% day showed a maximum of 3 bands on SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Molecular weight determinations of glycoproteins from mid-brain fluid samples of 13% day fetuses yielded readings of 19,600 and 68,000 Daltons and 45,000, 26,000, 35,500 Daltons from those of 14% day fetuses. The finding of this investigation supports the postulation that glycoprotein concentration and variation in types occur during brain morphogenesis. Consequently these compounds may serve as monitors of brain cell differentiation during rat fetalogenesis.

It is a pleasure to express an infinite amount of gratitude to Dr. John M,, Browne who has so generously rendered his time and services towards assisting me in the accomplishment of this manuscript. Also I would like to thank my mother, Mrs. Betty S. Theodore, family and friends who has given me an endless amount of moral support throughout the duration of this work.

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