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The primary purpose of this study was to examine the level of client satisfaction for traumatic brain injured clients with service delivery at a rehabilitation agency. However, an evaluation of service delivery was of secondary importance to the agency's counseling component. Another purpose of this study was to obtain a profile of demographic characteristics of the Traumatic Brain Injured client. The study was conducted in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia at XYZ Rehabilitation Services. The sample consisted of 62 survey respondents who were deemed eligible for a rehabilitation agency. The clients had consumed services during the fiscal year of 1992. The Halstead-Reitan Impairment Index proved to be useful in the selection of the subject pool. The subjects completed the TBI-Client Satisfaction Inventory. Frequency analysis was employed to analyze the data. Results of the study were comparable to the national demography of traumatic brain injured. Results also showed that the survey respondents reported perceived counseling and other related services satisfactory. Survey respondents reported overall satisfaction with program services rendered by XYZ Rehabilitation agency. Recommendations for future research and counselors are included. Limitations of the study conclude this work.

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