Teaching and implementing effective mission and outreach ministry through Christian education at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia

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January 2004

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This dissertation addressed the teaching and implementation of effective mission and outreach ministry at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia. The mission statement of the church has always reflected the importance of remaining mission focused when carrying out the work of Christ and reads as follows: 'We win souls to Christ. We develop Christian growth in grace, knowledge, and service. We build a community, to reach a community.' 1

The intent of this dissertation was to provide a Christian Education ministry that identified the beliefs, attitudes, and actions, whereby the ministries of Mount Pleasant could implement effective mission and outreach ministry programs through the discipline of Christian Education. The implementation portion in this project were carried out in two phases: planning/teaching and implementation/praxis.

Methodology for this implementation model included the combined efforts of the Office of the Pastor, the Board of Christian Education, and the Social Services Ministry of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. The teaching and implementation for effective mission and outreach ministry will be addressed using the following five components: (A) God's vision for mission and outreach ministry; (B) Board of Christian Education planning; (C) ministry education and training; (D) mission project development; and (E) mission and outreach praxis implementation.

1O. L. Blackshear, Sr., Michael T. Barnes and Charles A. Harper, III, 'Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mission Statement' (Atlanta, Ga., 2 August 1995).