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The purpose of this ministry project is to educate religious leaders about an alternative to approaching organ donation and organ transplantation, using the Theory of Gift Exchange as the model paradigm. This ministry project is based on the premise that religious leaders generally use dated statistical material, life changing stories, and personal experiences to raise awareness on the subject. Thus, the Theory of Gift Exchange is a different approach and a unique model for religious leaders to begin understanding the complex nature of organ donation and organ transplantation, and ultimately embracing it with less reluctance.

The results of this ministry project discovered that practically every religious leader was unfamiliar with the idea of Gift Exchange. However, they were familiar with this concept only as it relates to the exchanging of personal gifts around special occasions and holidays.

Thus, the conclusion gathered from this ministry project suggests that the 'Theory of Gift Exchange' is an excellent model to educate about organ donation and organ transplantation. This conceptual idea makes it easy for a religious leader to understand and embrace the subject, and feel less threatened by it, particularly because one can see that the overall intent is about gift giving and gift receiving.

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