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In general, the number of Christian male disciples are less than women disciples in all churches. This phenomenon is prevalent in churches throughout America. C. Eric Lincoln, (Lincoln, 1990), conducted a study where he found that 70% of the adults who attends church are women. A misinterpretation of the patriarchal style of leadership and a lack of empathy for the dilemma of today's men shed great insight into the problem of men not attending church regularly.

The misinterpreted patriarchal style of leadership is very confusing too men who want to share the leadership of the church. Women seem to endure this style of leadership better than men, but this probably because women are socialized by the church and society to consider themselves the weaker of the sexes in all phases of life.

Empathy from male pastors toward male parishioners is inadequate for several reasons. Males are socialized to be strong and not show true emotions when faced with crises. This leads male pastors to be indifferent to many of the issues that male parishioners face on a day to day basis. Because men have a general inflexibility and fear about expressing their feelings, when these men become pastors and unless they are taught how to empathize with their brothers, they carry these inadequate traits of leadership to the pastoral office.

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