Date of Award

January 1940

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In the fall of 1938, Mr. William Shell, state director of the Negro division of the National Youth Administration in Georgia, in the role of guest speaker, delivered an address to a class in Public Welfare Administration at the Atlanta University School of Social Work. He spoke on the National Youth Administration in Georgia for Negroes. Stimulated by a desire to learn to what extent the National Youth Administration Program was fulfilling its main objectives in the NYA Work Projects set up for Negroes in Atlanta, the author chose as a subject for a thesis, "The National Youth Administration Work Projects for Negroes in Fulton County, Georgia." Work Projects were those projects operated by NYA through which youths between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four who were out-of-school were compensated for activities in which they were engaged. This study would include all the Negro NYA Work Projects in Atlanta and Fulton County. To make such a study it was necessary to visit and to observe the projects while they were in operation and through these means be able to ascertain whether or not they were fulfilling their objectives.