Date of Award

January 1937

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This thesis concerns itself with the Indians as they affected and were affected by the philanthropic settlement of the province of Georgia by a group of English colonists in 1733. The Colonial Records of Georgia, compiled and edited by Allen D. Candler, have served as the principal source of the material used in this thesis. Secondary sources have been used only when the material found in the Colonial Records was not sufficiently complete to give a clear background to the subject under discussion. The period covered in this thesis begins with the actual settlement of the colony in 1733 and extends roughly through 1745. An occasional reference to a later date sometimes occurs, but only to reveal an earlier event in its proper setting. The chief difficulty encountered in collecting and assembling the subject matter was in the arrangement of the material in the Colonial Records . Having partially overcome this handicap, it is hoped the reader will sympathetically see the Indian problem in Colonial Georgia in its proper relation to the bigger problem created by the expansion of European people in America during the eighteenth century.