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January 1937

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To persons who are concerned with minority groups, this study will be of interest because it deals with the Jews who have always formed a minority group wherever they have been located and have always received their share of persecution. Our purpose is to study their sufferings in England and the gradual relief from those sufferings. We have limited our study to the Jews of England, a country that for a long time has been regarded as the cradle of European Democracy. After a brief analysis of the background the study places major emphasis on the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries during which most of the changes took place. The timeliness of this study lies in the fact that at the present the eyes of the world are focused on the Jews as a result of the treatment they have received in Germany under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. To get at the real position held by the Jews in England a great deal of attention has began placed upon the memoirs, letters and comments of England's prime ministers and parliamentary leaders such as Walpole, Castlereagh, Canning, the Duke of Wellington, Palmerston, John Russell, Disraeli and others. The social and economic conditions of the period as well as events in other countries have been considered to see to what extent they affected the Jews.