Endarch: Journal of Black Political Research

About This Journal

Statement of Purpose

In decades characterized by the complete atrophy of all struggle from the sixties and the defection of most of the former participants, the principal questions must be why? What has happened consistently to denature and distort incipiently progressive impulses that appear among black people?

Endarch, as its name would suggest, identifies with motion. Not any haphazard or desultory movement, but movement that is conscious of its origins and destinations. As an embodiment of aggregate but mutually consistent perspectives, this journal seeks to reflect, analyze, and generate activity, which will ultimately lead toward the expansion, clarification, and solidification of black political thought.

The conscious nature of movement is derived from a clear social and analytic methodology. An approach, which views the world as a totality, but also diaphanously understands that the components comprising this world are not of equal importance. With this in mind, and given black people’s historical grounding in oppression and exploitation, Endarch sees of paramount importance those phenomena and groups of phenomena which operate in a system of oppression and exploitation. Recognition of such phenomena must lead to a discernment of those vital elements, the crucial essences of which define and condition the world. Our purpose is to expose those essences and through this explication illuminate the totality from the vantage point of a specific oppressed people. Such is the task of a conscious and critical black political though imbued with the task of defining the black experience in politics. It is toward this goal that we aim.