Endarch: Journal of Black Political Research


During the 1992 presidential election, both the Republican and Democratic Parties were reluctant to energetically pursue the black vote. Because on the one hand, even in the light of some African Americans contemplating abandoning the party, the Democrats wanted desperately to attract the vote of the so-called "Reagan Democrats." On the other side, the Republican Party did not want to lose a grip on their own constituency. Therefore, neither party assertively sought the black vote, and consequently ignored the black voter in the 1992 Presidential election. Hence the purpose of this research is two-fold. First, after a thorough history of the relationship between blacks and political parties are examined, the paper will examine the apparent neglect of the African American voter during the 1992 presidential election. And second, in relation to the voter, the electoral strategies put forth by the Democratic and Republican parties, including the Ross Perot campaign, will be discussed.