Why do we need HBCUs and qualities for successful leadership: Perspectives from past HBCU presidents

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Dr. Barbara R. Hatton, Moderator, President, South Carolina State University 1992-1995; President, Knoxville College 1997-2005.

Panelists: Wiley S. Bolden, Ed.D., Acting President, Savannah State College, 1988-1989.

Carlton E. Brown, Ed.D., President, Savannah State University 1997-2006; President, Clark Atlanta University 2008 - present.

Johnnetta B. Cole, Ph.D., President, Spelman College 1987-1997; President, Bennett College for Women 2002-2007.

Thomas W. Cole Jr., Ph.D., President, West Virginia State College 1982-1986; President, Clark Atlanta University 1989-2002; President, Interdenominational Theological Center 2009-2010.

Samuel DuBois Cook, Ph.D., President, Dillard University 1974-1997.

Nathaniel R. Jackson, Ed.D., President, Mary Holmes College 2000 - 2003.

Joseph B. Johnson, Ed.D., President, Grambling State University 1977- 1991; President, Talladega College 1991-1998.

Burnett Joiner, Ph.D., President, LeMoyne-Owen College 1991-1995; President, Livingstone College and Hood Theological Seminary 1996-2000.

Samuel D. Jolley Jr.,Ed.D., President, Morris Brown College 1993-1997 and 2004-2006.

Wiley A. Purdue, LLD., M.B.A., Acting President, Morehouse College 1994-1995.

Herman B. Smith Jr., Ph.D., Interim President, Central State University 1965 and 1995; Chancellor, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff 1974-1981; Interim President, Jackson State University 1991 – 1992; Interim President, Morris Brown College 1992- 1993.

Charles E.Taylor, Ph.D., President, Wilberforce University 1976-1984; President, Morris Brown College 2002-2003.

Samuel Tucker, Ph.D., President, Edward Waters College 1973-1976; President, Langston University 1978-1979.

W. Clyde Williams, Ph.D., President, Miles College 1971 –1986; President, Trenholm State Technical College, 1998-2001.

Robert Threat, Ed.D.; President, Morris Brown College 1973-1984.

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