Dr. Vivian Wilson Henderson was the 18th president of Clark College from 1965 until his death in 1976. A native of Bristol, Tennessee, Henderson completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from North Carolina College in Durham in 1947. He earned his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Economics from the University of Iowa in 1949 and 1952, respectively.

The Vivian Wilson Henderson Papers document Dr. Henderson's personal and professional activities spanning the years 1940 to 1976. The audio-visual materials, dated primarily from the late 1960s and early 1970s, include recordings of speeches, panel discussions, and Clark College ceremonies. Topics include economic development, African American education, and inner-city neighborhoods. For a full inventory of the collection, please visit the Vivian Wilson Henderson Papers finding aid.


Recordings from 1976

Martin Luther King Speaks: Dr. Henderson at Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Convention, Vivian Wilson Henderson

Recordings from 1974

Stagflation and the Poor, Part I, Vivian Wilson Henderson and Lucille Rose

Stagflation and the Poor, Part II, Higgins and Bryce

Recordings from 1973

Clark College Honor Seminar, Vivian Wilson Henderson

Recordings from 1971

Consultation on the Church and Black Higher Education: The Economics of the Black College, Vivian Wilson Henderson

Karl Gunnar Myrdal: An American Dilemma Revisited, Karl Gunnar Myrdal

Recordings from 1970

[Black Power], Vivian Henderson

[Poverty Conference], Vivian Henderson, Leon Kaiserling, Lyle Carter, Camille Jefferson, Homer Cooper, George A. Wiley, and Housman

Dr. Henderson, Part I; [What Must Be Done], Vivian Henderson, Percy Sutten, Robert Theofold, and Robert Nester

Fisk University Honors, Vivian Wilson Henderson

[National Bureau of Economic Research 50th Anniversary Dinner part I], Wassily Leontief, George Schultz, and John R. Meyer


Mother Freedom - Demo Tape, Arthur Richmond

[Innovative Education and the Education System], Joann Ross

Dr. Henderson, Part II, Ed Sparrow, Dr. Green, Dr. Vivian Wilson Henderson, John Fields, and Hon. Charles Longstreet Weltner

United Negro College Fund Meeting, Unidentified Speakers

[What Must Be Done], Unidentified Speakers

National Business Planning Team, Unidentified Speaker

[Louis Stokes Speaks], [Louis Stokes]

Recordings from 1969

Ad Hoc Committee Colt Descadis, Vivian Henderson

[Clark College Centennial Program], Dr. Lawrence Dunbar Reddick and Dr. Vivian Wilson Henderson

Recordings from 1968

WLIB Tapes #1, Vivian Henderson

WLIB Tapes #2, Unidentified Speakers