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circa 1970


Vivian Wilson Henderson Papers

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This audio recording contains speeches delivered at a conference focused on the understanding of and the solutions to the issue of poverty. Dr. Vivian Henderson begins by introducing and discussing the purpose of the conference. The conference is focused on addressing the problems of Southern economic development, primarily human resource problems and adjustment. Mr. Leon Kaiserling discusses the necessary dimensions for change and economic progress. Lyle Carter then discusses new improvements that need to be made in the economic American system in order to achieve progress as a nation. Mrs. Camille Jefferson outlines the findings of a study she conducted on poverty in a District of Columbia housing project. She also shares some of the pre- and post-experiences of her study, in which she moved to the project for 15 months. Mr. Homer Cooper declares the necessity of mobilizing the research tools that are available to aid in the war on poverty. Dr. George Wiley delineates the steps needed to be taken in order to truly eradicate poverty. Dr. Houseman argues for the reduction of welfare tax rates to get more people into the labor market and to continue supporting them once they are working.


The audio was originally named "The National Bureau of Economic Research 50th Anniversary Dinner", but that is incorrect. Those recordings were on a different audio.


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