Dr. Henderson, Part II

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circa 1970


Vivian Wilson Henderson Papers

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This audio recording consists of five different speakers from various fields speaking on ideas to improve the welfare system in order to better help the poor. The first speaker is Ed Sparrow. Sparrow speaks on the legal rights of the poor. He discusses how the welfare department holds all the power when it comes to the life and death of the poor because their lives depend on the amount of welfare assistance they receive. The second speaker is Dr. Green who discusses the idea of adopting a negative income tax. He explains how it would work as well as who would be eligible. The third speaker is Dr. Vivian Wilson Henderson, 18th president of Clark College. Dr. Henderson discusses the unbalanced occupational structure of the Negro labor force and argues that income maintenance programs such as the negative income tax will not actually solve the problems with welfare. The next speaker, John Fields, discusses inter-government relationships and how they affect the solution process of welfare needs. He urges the different government officials to work together to solve problems. The last speaker is the Honorable Charles L. Weltner, former US congressman. Weltner argues that minimum wage puts people out of work. He begs institutions and agencies to work harder to create a better means of teaching skills today for the tasks of tomorrow. The recording ends with a question and answer session with the speakers and members of the audience.


Audio abruptly ends at 2:47:03 and returns 2:47:25.


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