City for Youth, Newberry School, October 1991, Wilhelmina Quick


City for Youth

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This video recording, dated October 1, 1991, consists of an episode of a program, titled “City for Youth: A Time to Build.” The “City for Youth” programs were a project of WTVS, Channel 56 in Detroit, Michigan. This episode focuses on a unique exchange program between two schools in the Detroit area, one suburban and the other urban. The suburban school was Bingham Farms School in Birmingham, Michigan, and the urban school was Newberry School in Detroit. Children from each school visited pen pals at the other school and spent some time in the other environment. The principal of Newberry, Wilhelmina Quick, argued that the program, despite its short duration, would change the perspectives of the students in each school. In particular, Quick was hopeful that the urban children would see they were of the same worth as the suburban children and not become isolated from the wider world.

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