For the People ([Martin] Bernal I & II)

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This video recording, dated November 11, 1985, consists of parts 1-3 of a special series of the program For The People, produced by the South Carolina Educational Television Network. The special series focused on an interview of Dr. Martin Gardiner Bernal, author of Black Athena: The Afro-Asiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, by the show’s host, Listervelt Middleton. In these segments, Dr. Bernal discusses the influence of Ancient Egypt and Phoenicia on the development of Ancient Greece, arguing that Greece was a “transmitting culture” rather than an “originating culture.” Bernal rejects the prevailing Aryan Model of Greek development, insisting that the Greek documentary sources, such as Herodotus, that claim an Egyptian origin of many cultural aspects of Greece should be taken seriously. He offers what he terms a “Revised Ancient Model” of the history of Ancient Greece and argues that the Aryan Model reflects the racist concerns of 19th and early 20th century European and American scholars who wanted to prove that genuine civilization only begins with the Greeks.

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