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Asa G. Hilliard, III Papers

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This undated video recording consists of several different clips. The most prominent of these clips include an excerpt of a documentary discussing the possible techniques for stone work utilized by the Incan Empire in Peru and two extended speeches by Afrocentric historian Ivan Van Sertima. In Van Sertima’s first speech, he discusses the ancient Olmec stone heads, located in what is now Mexico. He argues that the stone heads, the pyramids, and other elements point to an Egyptian influence on Olmec culture. He points out the pyramidal ruins that sit near the termination of currents that flow from Africa to Latin America. In the second speech by Van Sertima, he discusses the African origin of Ancient Egypt and responds to those who claim that Egypt was not a fully African civilization. He also laments the negative self-image that many people of African descent have because they have not been taught the true history of the African continent.

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