The recordings below, dating from 1940 through 1977, contain content from Dr. Isaac Clark’s homiletics class, gospel recordings, student sermons, and lectures from prominent scholars such as Dr. Harry V. Richardson, Andrew Young, and Benjamin E. Mays. For more information about the collection, please visit the Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection Finding Aid.

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Submissions from 1977

[Student Sermons: The Power to Overcome Failure, and Insights for Performing True Spiritual Piety]

Submissions from 1972

[Honoring Ceremony for Dr. Josephus R. Coan, Part 1], Oswald Bronson and Josephus R. Coan

[Honoring Ceremony for Dr. Josephus R. Coan, Part 2], Josephus R. Coan

Submissions from 1970

[Presentation on Togetherness]

[Protestant Hour]

[Sermon Critiques]

[Student Sermon]

[Student Sermon and Dr. Clark’s Audio Tests]

[Student Sermons by an Unidentified Student]

[Student Sermons with Music by James Cleveland]

[Class Lecture by Dr. Isaac R. Clark], Isaac R. Clark

Submissions from 1969

[Crisis in Politics by Julian Bond], Julian Bond

[The Church and Violence, Part 10: The Role of the Preacher], Oswald P. Bronson, Richard G. Hatcher, Harry V. Richardson, and Martin Luther King Sr.

[Basic Christian Communication by Dr. Isaac R. Clark], Isaac R. Clark

[Student Sermon: United We Stand Divided We Fall], Isaac R. Clark and Julian Bond

[Elements of a Sermon by Isaac R. Clark, and On Belief by Howard Thurman], Isaac R. Clark, Howard Thurman, Harry V. Richardson, and Grant S. Shockley

[The Church and Violence, Part 12: Discussions Continue], Ike Ambrose Hindrel, Johnson, and Harry V. Richardson

[The Church and Violence, Part 6: The Church’s Response to Violence], Joseph D. Hough Jr., J. Oscar McCloud, and Brunson

[The Church and Violence, Part 8: Biblical Examples of Violence], Joseph A. Johnson, L. Harold DeWolf, and Harvey Seifert

[The Church and Violence, Part 7: Overt and Covert Violence], F. D. Jordan, Hickman, Ed Carothers, and John J. Egan

[The Church and Violence, Part 11: Seminar Reports and Discussions], McKinnon and Josephus Coleman

[Student Sermons by Dan Stevenson], Dan Stevenson Stevenson

[Student Sermon by Stith and Protestant Hour Broadcast], Stith

[Student Sermons by Stovall], Stovall

[Student Sermons by Brenda H. Tapia], Brenda H. Tapia

[Student Sermons by Addy Vadalia], Addy Vadalia

[Student Sermons by Waddy], Waddy

[Student Sermons by Leroy White], Leroy White

[The Church and Violence, Part 4: The Church’s Response to 1960’s Violence and Social Unrest], Bennie E. Whiten, Perry Fuller, and Musil

[Student Sermons and Personal Histories], Anthony William, Harry Leon McClary, and Arthur Carson

[Student Sermon by Willis, Critique by Isaac R. Clark, and Protectant Hour], Willis, Isaac R. Clark, and Katherine Gonzalez

[Student Sermons by Bernard R. Wilson], Bernard R. Wilson

[Student sermons by Savern Witherspoon], Savern Witherspoon

[The Church and Violence, Part 3: Methods for Black Social Progress], Andrew Young, Harry V. Richardson, Martin Luther King Sr., and Roy Wilkins

Submissions from 1968

[Commercial for the American Society of Women Accountants]

[Gospel Music]

[Spanish Lesson]

[Student Sermon by an Unidentified Man]

[Student Sermon on Babylon and Spanish Lessons]

[Student Sermons by an Unidentified Man]

[Student Sermons by Herbert Shackelford and Protestant Hour]

[Criteria for Judging Sermons Pathos and Logos by Dr. Isaac R. Clark], Isaac R. Clark

[Dr. Isaac R. Clark Lecture and Music by Rev. James Cleveland], Isaac R. Clark and James Cleveland

[Student Sermon by Noah L. Moore], Noah L. Moore

[Student Sermon by V. Moore], V. Moore

[Student Sermon by William K. Moore], William K. Moore

[Student Sermons by Roosevelt Morris], Roosevelt Morris

[Student Sermons by Samuel Mwaniki], Samuel Mwaniki

[Student Sermons by J. Herbert Nelson], J. Herbert Nelson

[Student Sermon by Cecil Maingisi Ngcokovane], Cecil Maingisi Ngcokovane

[Student Sermons by Harold Palmer], Harold Palmer

[ITC Commencement Address and Student Sermon by Green], Harry V. Richardson, Green, Darnell, and Allen

[Student Sermons and WAOK Radio], L.B. Robinson, C.L. Franklin, and John A. Middleton

[Student Sermon by Vance D. Ross], Vance D. Ross

[Student Sermons by Clarence Sams], Clarence Sams

[Student Sermon by Shakelford], Shakelford

[Student Sermons by Lewis Sharpless], Lewis Sharpless

[Student Sermons by Henry L. Simmons], Henry L. Simmons

[Religion in the News], Clarence Steger and Isaac R. Clark

[Religion in the News], Clarence Steger and Albert Sloan

Submissions from 1967

[Student Sermon on the Mercy of God]

[Student Sermon on Worship]

[Exams: Discursive and Definitional Questions by Dr. Isaac R. Clark], Isaac R. Clark

[Student Sermon by Lester B. Graves], Lester B. Graves B. Graves

[Student Sermon by Joe F. Johnston and Upper Room Programming with Karl Kathrel], Joe F. Johnston

[Student Sermons by Jones], Jones

[Student Sermons by Chevlenne Jones], Chevlenne Jones

[Student Sermon by Bruce Keys], Bruce Keys

[Student Sermon by Julius Kidd], Julius Kidd

[Student Sermon by Charles King], Charles King

[Student Sermons by Marie King and an Unidentified Student], Marie King

[Student Sermon by Lawrence], Lawrence

[Student Sermons by Byron Lesane and Other Unidentified Students], Bryron Lesane

[Student Sermon by Benjamin E. V. Lett], Benjamin E. V. Lett

[Student Sermons by Julius McAllister], Julius McAllister

[Student Sermon by James McKinon], James McKinon

[Student Sermons by Charles H. Milton], Charles H. Milton

Submissions from 1966

[The Negro Education and African American Culture], Vincent Harding and Shannon

[Student Sermons by Malinda Harris], Malinda Harris

[Student Sermons by Henderson and an Unidentified Student], Henderson

[Student Sermons by Bethel Hendrix and an Unidentified Man], Bethel B. Hendricks

[Student Sermon by Sam Hicks and Protestant Hour Radio], Sam Hicks and Edmund Stimley

[Student Sermon by Robert Howell], Robert Howell

[Student Sermons by Christopher C. Hunter], Christopher C. Hunter

[Student Sermons by Asward H.A. Issa], Asward H.A. Issa

[Student Sermons by Alfred Jackson], Alfred Jackson

[Student Sermon by Jackson, CBS News, and ITC Weekly Broadcast], Jackson, Albert Sloan, and Lyndon B. Johnson

[Student Sermon by Johnson], Johnson

[Student Sermons by McCallister and Hollins], McCallister and Hollins

[Truth and the Undiscoverable and Inescapable God by Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen], Harry V. Richardson, Henry P. Van Dusen, Charles B. Copher, and W. Clyde Clyde Williams

Submissions from 1965

[African American Gospel]

[Boston Pops Orchestra]

[Organ Music]

[Interdenominational Theological Center Commencement], Oswald Bronson and Smith

[Lecture by Dr. Isaac R. Clark and Student Sermons], Isaac R. Clark

[James Cleveland Sings], James Cleveland

[Gospel with James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar], James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar

[James Cleveland and Mahalia Jackson], James Cleveland and Mahalia Jackson

[Student Sermons by Elder Johnathan Dean], Johnathan Dean

[Student Sermons by Willie E. Dicks Jr.], Willie E. Dicks