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In a class lecture, Dr. Isaac R. Clark of the Interdenominational Theological Center reviews his class syllabus and outlines goals and objectives. He discusses communication and the importance of students creating their own commutative definition. Dr. Clark further talks about the importance of listening for the truth. He warns against confusing the truth and Holy Spirit with the noise (whooping) of the preacher.

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00:02:41 Unidentified man introduces the text Matthew 16:24-28 and tells of the structure of Matthew and its theme and the narrators view of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.

00:04:16 Audio cuts off.

00:04:52 Talks about man gaining the world and giving up his life.

00:05:31 Introduces the subject “Getting the most out of life.”

00:24:38 Unidentified man talks about the lack of dedication by religious leaders in their leadership role and how they do not generate power and meaning as ministerial leaders before them. Religious leaders tend not to have in mind any one idea which they which to convey to congregation. Then congregation does not know what the leader is about and leave not having any of their natural energies touched, leaving the preacher with no real message or purpose.

00:30:44 Talks about meaningless leaders standing before congregation.

00:32:07 Unidentified man reads scripture.

00:36:00 Unidentified man giving instructions on required textbook (handbook on theological terms) and syllabus. Talks about communication and language.

00:38:15 Clark talks about the objective of language - to come to own commutative definition and not to copy a definition word for word. Talks about simplifying language so child can understand.

00:42:07 Talks about making terms mean one thing and not many.

00:58:25 Talks about principles of grading.

01:01:43 Audio fades.

01:03:05 Talks about money for folders and booklets.

01:20:04 Talks about being aware of what to listen for in preaching - about listening for the truth and not some funny noise of the preacher. Confusing noise with the Holy Spirit.

01:41:26 Talks about young preachers imitating older preachers. Talks about hard getting young preachers to preach out of their own resources and not the one they are imitating.

01:48:09 Talks about two factors in communication -the speaker and the one spoken to.

02:01:19 Audio fades.

02:01:35 Students begin to speak.

02:30:55 Audio ends.


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