[Lectures on a Historians View of the Church and Theological Education in America]

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Charles L. Taylor delivers a lecture on the Church and theological education in Europe. In his lecture he compares and contrasts theological education in Europe and the United States. Additionally, Sidney Mead gives a lecture on theological education and the view of a historian. In the lecture he discusses the problem of ambiguity within Church history in the United States.

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00:00:07 Charles L. Taylor introduces his title “The Church and Theological Education in Europe: An Appreciation.” Talks about how he was sent to Europe to get an understanding of theological education there, and how it could help in America.

00:04:25 Talks about preaching in Europe and contribution of Christians make to the men of science, and the importance of science.

00:13:11 Talks about minsters being civil servants.

00:21:11 Talks about European students and prophetic voice and power. Also talks about the academic controls in Europe.

00:28:00 Talks about the practicality of American university and theological schools.

00:29:00 Talks about Dean Miller and the preparation of minsters.

00:42:14 Talks about associations between the work of theological education in Europe and that in the United States.

00:46:43 Ends lecture.

00:47:01 Unidentified man talks about privilege it is to introduce Sidney Mead.

00:48:02 Introduces Sidney Mead and his paper, “A Historical View of the Church and Theological Education in America”.

00:48:16 Sidney Mead thanks the unidentified man talks about story of theological education in America.

00:49:50 Talks about how he has abandoned and shifted from the published title “A Historical View of the Church and Theological Education” to “A Historians View of the Church and Theological Education in America”. His intention is to make a few observations from a historian point of view.

00:50:36 Talks about being a historian and encountering the problem of the ambiguous position of American Church History.

00:58:18 Talks about how as American Church Historian he feels he stands in a no man’s land between seminary and university.

01:05:37 Talks about the tendencies in theological revival of the day.

01:08:32 Talks about how any consideration of the church in the United States is brought up sharply against the multiplicity of independent organized Christian religious groups. This baffles historians.

01:19:04 Talks about the internal conflict of denominations and basic principles and competitions among religious groups.

01:26:27 Talks about how evangelicalism was swamped in a tidal wave ecclesiastical or organizational sectarianism.

01:33:18 Ends lecture.

01:33:26 Audio ends.


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