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Jess H. Ziegler, E.C. Colwell and James I. McCord discuss the relationship between the Church and theological education. Within their discussions are the history of theological education in America and the relationship between the denominations and theological education.

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00:00:07 An unidentified man introduces speaker president McCord and welcomes him.

00:00:38 James I. McCord thanks unidentified man and welcomes those in attendance. Talks about topic and scope of paper restricted to the church in the United States.

00:03:17 Talks about how the American Revolution constituted a watershed for theological education as well as other institutions of the new world.

00:10:27 Talks about how denominations are a product of the frontier and the over churching of America.

00:16:45 Talks about if religion is considered divided, then two consequences in history follow.

00:24:49 Talks about second function for which the theological school was established and how the seminary is designed to be the intellectual center of the church.

00:36:13 Talks about how the function of denominational, and its weakness of being dominated by non-theological forces and becoming disengaged from the world culture.

00:38:58 Ends lecture.

00:39:35 An unidentified man presents the next item on the agenda - the presidential address. The address deals with the relationship between the church and the theological seminary.

00:40:41 Introduces theme of his address as “Our American Idea of the Ideal Seminary is Invalid”.

00:41:16 Talks about how ideas influenced the shape of many seminaries a generation or more ago and how the experience of those seminaries indicate the inadequacy of these ideals. In this indictment he refers specifically to the relationship of the seminary to the church and how it relates in two extremes.

00:49:20 Talks about the reasons of failure being in part due to rulers, and talks about the protection of academic freedom for all subjects is necessary for the welfare of Christianity.

00:53:59 Talks about the strictly denominational seminary and its relationship with the church.

01:01:16 Talks about denominational school and nondenominational school types.

01:13:38 Unidentified man introduced Dr. Ziegler.

01:13:49 Dr. Ziegler suspects there may be some scholar woodcraftsmen. He also gives his tasks for his presentation.

01:15:20 Explains how he will suggests six propositions that are debatable but none which can be ignored.

01:32:58 Talks about how many schools are in the process of relocating.

01:38:46 Audio abruptly ends.


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