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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1960

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Interdenominational Theological Center student Arnold gives a sermon titled “Living in Service to Our One True Master”. In this sermon, he discusses similarities between Black people and President Richard Nixon. He also contrasts God’s authority with men.

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00:00:07 Arnold welcomes members of the class and Dr. Isaac R. Clark. He introduces Matthew ending in chapter 9 going through all of chapter 10 and the sending of the twelve.

00:02:12 Introduces sermon: Our Unwarranted Fear of Man.

00:10:10 Talks about growing fear and the object of fear becomes an object of worship.

00:13:34 Talks about recognizing that God is the man’s sole creator.

00:20:27 Talks about how God unlike man is the Lord of making, history and creation.

00:25:59 Talks in conclusion that fear is a definite fact of our lives but must not let fear get the best of us. One must be mindful not matter what man does to us God‘s authority is supreme.

00:27:18 Ends sermon.

00:27:32 Arnold greets Dr. Isaac R. Clark and class and introduces gospel of Matthew and how Jesus was popular.

00:28:54 Talks about Jesus teaching his disciples in the presence of the crowd and introduces Matthew 6:24.

00:29:56 Talks about how Black people and President Nixon have something in common. Nixon likes to say one thing and do another and Black Christian say one thing and do another.

00:31:44 Audio cuts off.

00:31:55 Unidentified man greets Dr. Isaac R. Clark and class and talks about Matthew 6:24.

00:33:03 Introduces sermon: Living in Service to Our One True Master.

00:42:32 Talks about how serving two masters can kill us and the decisions that must be made.

00:47:36 Talks about facing the truth of our situation and making oneself accountable.

00:56:12 Talks in conclusion how he wants Christians to be aware survival is impossible trying to serve two masters.

00:58:35 Audio ends.


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