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Isaac R. Clark

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1963

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In a lecture on theological preaching Dr. Isaac R. Clark discusses the knowledge consideration of his homiletics course. The course focuses on the concepts of theological interpretation: what preaching is from a divine point of view and psychological and sociological interpretation of what homiletics is from a human point of view. Dr. Clark also discusses the fallacy of preaching. Finally he explains why preaching is not merely human speaking but divine activity. Also included is coverage of the democratic and republican national conventions.

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00:00:05 Dr. Clark talks about how the lecture being the first on theological preaching.

00:01:38 Talks about how the knowledge consideration of the course will involve two big concepts: theological interpretation of what preaching is from a divine point of view and psychological and sociological interpretation of what homiletics is from a human point of view.

00:05:10 Uses example of annual conference to clarify what he means to have good definitions.

00:16:24 Talks about for two reasons (experiential differences in using words and because of carelessness of using words vaguely) persons often fail to communicate. Talks about setting up two basic working definitions for preaching and homiletics.

00:20:03 Talks about how a fallacy is not just a common error but a unique kind of error that seems to be true on the surface, but when inspected found to be untrue and false at the deepest level. Danger is that these are often accepted by persons as true.

00:29:23 Talks about how preaching cannot be primarily defined in terms of mere human speaking because something far more important than human speaking involved (the divine activity).

00:43:09 Talks about if one fully understands what is really happening in preaching then one knows for themselves and must make it clear to others that the deep work of preaching is all divine. Preaching is fundamentally and foremost divine activity. God is the star of the preaching show.

00:47:05 Coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

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