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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1960

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Interdenominational Theological Center student J.W. Blackstone delivers two sermons. The sermons titled “Measuring Ourselves for Greater Performance” and “A Formula for Personal Completeness” are from the Epistle to the Romans and the Gospel according to Mark. In the sermons she discusses leadership and performance.

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00:00:02 J. W. Blackstone talks about how in the letter to the Roman church Paul is sharing his personal missionary experiences.

00:01:17 Introduces the words of the text from Paul’s letter to the Romans 12:3-8.

00:03:21 Introduces sermon: Measuring Ourselves for Greater Performance.

00:07:09 Talks about lack of creative ways of getting certain things doing well.

00:9:22 Talks about how all kind of folks including preachers lack creative ways of getting things done well.

00:14:27 Talks about first rehabilitating method and assessing the talents one does possess. This will aid in originality.

00:16:57 Talks about how one might take an inventory of the God given the faculties all have.

00:26:41 Talks about moving off crowded step of mediocrity and climbing up ladder of achievement. Says we cannot lead folks if we have not prepared ourselves.

00:29:34 Sermon ends.

00:29:56 J. W. Blackstone introduces text (Mark 10:17-22). Also talks about how Mark presents the story of Jesus.

00:33:14 Introduces sermon: A Formula for Personal Completeness. Also talks about having money.

00:38:31 Talks about realizing things will pass away and only the love of God will endure but finding it hard to relinquish possessions.

00:42:24 Talks about not following own advice and evaluate yourself.

00:47:14 Sermon ends.

00:47:20 Dr. Isaac R. Clark speaks about challenges the rich young ruler faced.

00:51:41 Audio ends.


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