[Student Sermons by Keith Cook and Other Unidentified Students]

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1963

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Various Interdenominational Theological Center students including Keith Cook deliver sermons titled “Unveiling the Real You”, “Living in Service to Our One True Master”, “Departing From Fools”, and “The Power of Positive Thinking”. The sermons are delivered in Dr. Isaac R. Clark’s homiletics class.

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00:00:06 Audio begins with Keith Cook talking about Peter being a disciple having trouble maintaining his loyalty to Jesus.

00:00:44 Introduces scriptural passage of Matthew 26:69-75.

00:02:30 Introduces sermon: Unveiling the Real You.

00:04:55 Talks about how early in life one learns what is the acceptable way of acting.

00:13:18 Gives three suggestions of unveiling one real self.

00:20:14 Talks about being pleased in remarks of people saying he sounded like Martin Luther King Jr.

00:26:06 Says the conclusion of the matter is one can continue to live falseness and not understand oneself, or one can choose to unveil the real you.

00:26:51 Sermon ends.

00:27:11 Talks about Jesus preaching, and introduces sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6:21.

00:28:03 Introduces sermon: Living in Service to Our One True Master.

00:29:45 Talks about serving white is right philosophy.

00:39:38 Talks about discomforting self-examination.

00:48:41 Talks about issue of being fully renewed.

00:52:19 Sermon ends.

00:52:33 Unidentified woman talks about not being concerned with a large congregation, but the needs of the people in the room.

00:54:00 Introduces the text and purpose of Matthew 11:25-30.

00:57:37 Talks about the problem of leadership.

01:07:11 Talks about writing of the Psalmist.

01:11:36 Talks about how we should let someone else look at us objectively.

01:13:21 Sermon Ends.

01:13:27 Keith Cook talks about putting gasoline into the car and the power of God filtering into one’s being.

01:19:28 Sermon ends.

01:19:38 Keith Cook introduces the text of Proverbs 13:20.

01:20:55 Introduces sermon: Departing From Fools.

01:25:57 Talks about inability to grasp what is necessary for survival and three things needed to depart from fools.

01:32:49 Sermon ends.

01:33:35 Unidentified man introduces sermon: The Power of Positive Thinking.

01:39:51 Talks about how light talking when serious problems are confronting life.

01:43:00 Sermon ends.

01:44:02 Unidentified man talks about personal encounter with God.

01:45:36 Dr. Isaac R. Clark talks about means and ends.

01:53:21 Unidentified man prays.

01:53:42 Talks about prophet Amos and his concern.

01:54:25 Introduces text of Amos 7: 10-17.

02:02:43 Talks about how issue of the importance of honesty.

02:05:58 Talks about being faced with two choices of evading or facing issue.

02:07:35 Audio ends.


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