[Student Sermons by Willie E. Dicks Jr.]


Willie E. Dicks

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1965

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Interdenominational Theological Center student Willie E. Dicks Jr. delivers two sermons titled “Recipe for Meaningful Use of Our Time” and “Considering Proper Self Discipline for Preaching Professionals”. In the sermons, he discusses the role and responsibility of the preacher.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with music.

00:05:59 Willie E. Dicks Jr. talks about people in church not being happy with the progress they are making in their life.

00:08:15 Talks about the result of not having Christ in one’s life.

00:17:07 Talks about putting all faith in Jesus and the reason why one should rely on him.

00:19:07 Sermon ends.

00:19:24 Willie E. Dicks Jr. prays.

00:20:19 Introduces the text of Ecclesiastes 3 and provides explanation.

00:24:24 Introduces sermon: Recipe for Meaningful Use of Our Time.

00:24:48 Talks about how many minsters are falling down in the God-given task as change agents.

00:35:47 Talks about some good examples in scripture and Moses.

00:42:26 Sermon ends.

00:42:40 Willie E. Dicks Jr. prays.

00:44:09 Introduces text of 2 Timothy.

00:48:19 Introduces sermon: Considering Proper Self Discipline for Preaching Professionals.

00:58:29 Talks about a young man being called by God to be a preacher.

00:55:59 Talks about how preachers never find time for themselves.

01:00:03 Talks about the need to be always steady and how it allows the preacher to do an effective job.

01:04:18 Talks about reason and need for the preacher to endure suffering.

01:06:55 Talks about the work of an evangelist.

01:07:35 Audio ends.


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