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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1965

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Interdenominational Theological Center student Flowers delivers three sermons titled “Overcoming Fear for Fruitful a Life”, “Gaining Courage to Overcome Life’s Challenging Encounter’s”, and “Movement Towards a More Committed Life”. These sermons are delivered in Dr. Isaac R. Clark’s homiletics class.

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00:00:06 Flowers prayer.

00:00:36 Introduces Matthew 14:22-31.

00:03:53 Introduces sermon: Overcoming Fear for Fruitful a Life.

00:10:08 Talks about song choir sang “God Don’t Need No Coward Soldiers”.

00:11:11 Talks about failing to overcome the plague of fear.

00:18:08 Talks about having a relationship that makes one feel safe and secure during conflicts.

00:24:56 Ends sermon.

00:25:43 Prays.

00:26:07 Introduces text of Matthew and explains purpose.

00:26:54 Introduces Matthew 14:22.

00:28:56 Introduces sermon: Gaining Courage to Overcome Life’s Challenging Encounters.

00:31:47 Talks about students not having courage to carry cross the course requires.

00:40:42 Talks about why stepping out in the direction of the able source is so important in spite of danger.

00:49:14 Talks about trusting God for what it takes to overcome.

00:56:12 Sermon ends.

00:56:27 Introduces Matthew 23:25-28 and purpose of the author.

00:59:11 Introduces sermon: Movement Towards a More Committed Life.

01:04:35 Gives example of getting a good look of who one really is.

01:06:50 Talks about if one is to move towards a more committed life under God they must get a real good look at who they are.

01:16:11 Talks about patient going to the doctor.

01:23:56 Audio ends.


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