[Theological Definition of Preaching: Divine Activity, Grace, Sin and Truth by Dr. Isaac R. Clark]


Isaac R. Clark

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circa 1963

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Isaac R. Clark gives a lecture on the theological definition of preaching. In this lecture Dr. Clark describes preaching as divine activity where the word of God as gospel is proclaimed or announced. He also discusses the issue of human sin and its relationship to grace. Furthermore Dr. Clark discusses the question of truth in both the ordinary and theological sense.

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00:00:10 Dr. Clark talks about his previous class and the five basic aspects of theological preaching.

00:02:07 Asks what the implications of presenting God himself in preaching are. The answer leads one to declare four other divine meanings involved in the word of God in preaching. Second divine meaning declared about the proclaimed word of God is that it means Gospel. The Word of God as Gospel being proclaimed in the Divine activity of preaching.

00:14:02 Talks about the preached word as gospel always means a season or seasons or period of time when Heavenly Father is present.

00:16:01 Says preaching is a divine activity wherein the word of God as gospel is proclaimed and announced on contemporary issues with a view toward ultimate response from God.

00:16:19 Begins third consideration of the meaning of the word of God by raising the question what is the essence of the good news or gospel that the proclaimed word brings.

00:23:06 Talks about grace and the necessary connection between divine grace and human sin that preaching is as absolutely urgent and serious.

00:36:24 Talks about symptoms of sinful condition of man. Proper rest can’t look at no one straight in the eye is one symptom.

00:50:28 Talks about grace meaning more than being pardoned from scandalous transgressions. The gospel of grace in preaching has with it the author of divine power, divine aid and divine assistance to help move out of the ghettos of our sinful conditions.

00:57:37 Lecture ends.

00:58:26 Audio cuts off.

01:00:12 Dr. Clark talks about interpreting the second aspect of theological definition of preaching the Word of God and its five parts.

01:04:33 Talks about truth and two ways in which persons think of the word truth (ordinary sense and theological sense) .

01:14:28 Says in principle theological truth is ordinary truth in that both call for word and deed being in line with each other.

01:19:30 Says the fundamental theological truth about anything has to do with that original creative foundational intention in the creative work of God.

01:40:00 Says the answer to the question what is truth is found in Jesus Christ.

01:48:06 Talks about preaching being divine activity where the word of God as corrective truth is proclaimed or announced on contemporary issues and Jesus Christ as the word of God and truth.

01:57:02 Audio ends.


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