[Theological Definition of Preaching: Gospel of Repentance and Relevant Preaching by Dr. Isaac R. Clark]


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circa 1963

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Dr. Isaac R. Clark lectures on the theological definition of preaching. Within the lecture he gives an explanation of the five elements of preaching (divine activity, proclaiming, word of God, here and now, ultimate response to God). Dr. Clark further explains the importance of relevant preaching, and the responsibility and danger of preaching the gospel of repentance. References to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Birmingham church bombings are made.

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00:00:05 Audio begins.

00:00:32 Dr. Clark brings class up to date. Tells class the goal is trying to get together the meaning of preaching and reviews previous class. Tells preaching involves divine activity (God is dynamic power behind it), preachers as proclaimers or announcers (God’s mouthpiece but not the star), the word of God (includes five elements, means God is with us and grace) the here and now (contemporary issues relevant to what is happening in present to God’s creation), view toward ultimate response to God (preaching must have a divine purpose. Preachers preach for something people to respond to the call).Preaching should not leave neutral ground for people to stand on.

00:09:28 Talks about 1963 Birmingham campaign and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and contemporary preaching.

00:13:50 Talks about who can despise a man who wants to be admired by God and men. There nothing sinful about wanting to be admired by men but must make claim for God.

00:20:04 Talks about the essence of the Jesus gospel is repentance.

00:22:08 Talks about how people are resentful of the gospel of repentance and truth. Gives examples of church bombings and assassinations of preachers including Martin Luther King Jr.

00:33:03 Talks about Martin Luther King Jr. being wrong on racial matters concerning love in Black man’s heart.

00:34:46 Asks the question why was Jesus was beat up and murdered. Says Jesus was beat up because people understood his message.

00:47:39 Talks about preaching as divine activity when the word of God is proclaimed or announced. Talks about evangelize but also develop believers. Great travesty of church is the ability to evangelize but not grow.

00:50:00 Audio cuts off.


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