[Student Sermon by Joe F. Johnston and Upper Room Programming with Karl Kathrel]


Joe F. Johnston

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1967

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Interdenominational Theological Student Joe Johnston delivers sermons on guilt titled, “The Reconciliation of Guilt” and “The Annihilation of False Guilt”. Also included is the Upper Room Meditation broadcast featuring Karl Kathrel.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Joe Johnston praying.

00:01:06 Introduces Psalm 51:1-14.

00:04:29 Introduces sermon: The Reconciliation of Guilt.

00:11:48 States that the first idea formulated that must be decided upon is the connection with the reconciliation of guilt.

00:18:09 Talks about how fickle emotion must be subjected to faith which must become the center of our being.

00:23:32 Talks about freedom from feelings of condemnation.

00:29:19 Talks about how some no longer feeling guilty.

00:32:00 Sermon ends.

00:32:09 Prayer.

00:32:44 Introduces first Corinthians 4:1-5.

00:35:43 Introduces sermon: The Annihilation of False Guilt.

00:42:16 Talks about three concepts one must choose to believe relative to the annihilation of false guilt.

00:49:41 Talks about fully trusting in God’s forgiving nature.

00:57:13 Gives an example of allowing God to turn self-blame into something one can use.

01:03:06 Audio cuts off.

01:03:33 Upper Room meditation broadcast with Karl Kathrel.

01:32:48 Audio ends.


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