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Interdenominational Theological Center student William H. Graves gives a report to the ITC administration and faculty on his participation experience at the world council of churches meeting in India. In his presentation Graves discusses Billy Graham and Christianity as an event to be declared. He also discusses the role of the Christian witness.

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00:00:06 Dr. Darnell talks about and introduces student William H. Graves.

00:02:08 William H. Graves talks about Dr. Richardson’s presentation, New Deli, India, and the world council of churches event held in a non-Christian country.

00:08:27 Says Christianity is not just a wisdom, and religious life is not a program to be put into effect but it is an event to be declared.

00:09:54 Talks about how at the world council of churches they talked about Jesus as the light of the world. Jesus Christ is not just the light of a class, race, culture or period but seeks out the darkness where it is to be found. Talks about Billy Graham.

00:15:07 Talks about Jesus seeing the plight of the world and standing in darkness. Talks about Jesus bring the grace of God and forgiveness.

00:16:25 Talks about sin of church is to want to be like God and wanting to take the place of Christ.

00:17:41 Talks about western and eastern Christianity and western theologians trying to force western ideas and Christianity not being a western religion but a world religion.

00:19:37 Talks about witnessing and how preachers can witness in their preaching.

00:28:34 Dr. Darnell gives remarks and invites Edward Brown to lead in hymn, Lord I want to be a Christian in my Heart.

00:33:03 Audio cuts off.


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