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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1968

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Interdenominational Theological Center student Herbert Shackelford delivers sermons titled “Ingredients for Understanding Grace”, “Prescription for Spiritual Well Being”, and “A Foundation for Joy in Everyday Living” in Dr. Isaac R. Clark’s homiletics class. Also included is the Protestant Hour radio broadcast.

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00:00:06 Audio begins with prayer.

00:01:07 Introduces 2 Corinthians 2:16-3:7.

00:04:46 Introduces sermon: Ingredients for Understanding Grace.

00:05:02 Talks about a testifying session in a Presbyterian Church and young lady saying she made a mistake.

00:11:52 Talks about the problem of misunderstanding grace and why it is so fatal.

00:20:13 Talks about the value of understanding the insufficiency of humans to overcome sin.

00:27:00 Talks about the value of understanding the sufficiency of God to help overcome sin.

00:29:43 Sermon ends.

00:30:05 Prayer.

00:30:51 Introduces Psalm 51:12.

00:34:56 Introduces sermon: A Foundation for Joy in Everyday Living.

00:34:11 Talks about person who has everything going for them but is never satisfied.

00:37:43 Illustrates how ground of being is dismissed through a hole in the soul.

00:47:11 Talks about why to decide on weighing good against the bad.

00:53:45 Talks about submitting resolution to power based in our lives.

00:55:17 Illustrates how to solicit divine aid.

00:59:08 Sermon ends.

00:59:49 Greetings.

01:00:23 Prayer.

01:02:10 Introduces second 1st Corinthians 2:11-14.

01:03:27 Introduces sermon: Prescription for Spiritual Well Being.

01:07:19 Talks about AUC students not being satisfied and have dismissed the ground of their being due to a hole in their soul.

01:13:43 Talks about suggestions to consider for a spiritual well being.

01:22:45 Talks about two alternatives of living without joy due to the absence of guidance or allow God to help change life.

01:23:22 Audio cuts off.

01:23:39 Audio returns with Protestant Hour radio broadcast.

01:51:44 Audio ends.


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