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In celebrating the opening of the Interdenominational Theological Center, an unidentified male speaker discusses the dialectical nature of Christian theology. He explains that Christian theology has both God’s side and man’s side and also addresses the question of how to distinguish the two. He challenges the attendees to adopt a theology of humanity that is universal and inclusive.

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00:00:47 Unidentified man greets friends and colleagues and gives occasion. Talks about how it is an honor to participate in the theological field.

00:02:12 Talks about his address being a living witness to the vitality of the Christian faith through all areas of life.

00:06:58 Talks about no Christian faith is worth anything if it is not worth dying and living for.

00:07:31 Talks about how genuine Christian theology always has two sides to it. God’s side and mans and by nature is dialectical.

00:09:34 Exposes two types of theology for the purpose. Commends a third theology. The two theologies are theology of evasion which substitutes false emphasis on certain true hopes and experiences to escape the challenge of the actual world, and the theology of oppression which sanctifies the status quo.

00:12:00 Talks about the kinds of theology of oppression including theology of the spiritual life, theology of personal salvation, and theology of high or exclusive church.

00:14:13 Commends the theology of humanity (third type of theology). Christ is the summit and summary in human history of God’s universal love for man. Whatever theology is not universal is not Christian.

00:18:09 Talks about a theology of humanity being truly dialectic.

00:20:30 Gives final remarks and asks God to bless seminary and president.


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