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Oxford University professor Dr. Kilpatrick gives a lecture on Bible translations at the Interdenominational Theological Center. He discusses why modern translations are necessary. In the lecture Dr. Kilpatrick discusses accidental and deliberate changes that scribes make in their translations. He uses scriptures from the Bible as translation examples. Dr. Kilpatrick also discusses the role of the Roman Empire on Christianity.

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00:00:17 Dr. Kilpatrick begins to speak about Bible translations.

00:01:09 Talks about why it’s necessary to have modern translations, and the men who made the early authorized versions.

00:10:00 Talks about the two kind of changes that scribes make. The accidental and the deliberate (the attempt to improve).

00:15:09 Talks about features in gospel style.

00:20:00 Talks about how Christianity was not allowed to be preached in the Roman Empire and the secrecy of Christianity within the empire.

00:25:19 Talks about men of sixteenth century doing a great work with the tools and knowledge they had but since more knowledge and tools have been discovered to explore the meaning of the new testament even more.

00:38:05 Talks about another reason, outside manuscript and language, why new translations should be made is that the King James Version is old fashioned.

00:43:45 Questions from the audience.

00:55:00 Unidentified man calls attention of audience. Thanks Dr. Kilpatrick of Oxford University for lecture.

00:56:30 Choir sings.

00:56:44 Unidentified man gives benediction.

00:58:48 Audio ends.


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