[Student Sermon by Willis, Critique by Isaac R. Clark, and Protectant Hour]

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1969

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Interdenominational Theological Center student Willis delivers a sermon titled “Inner Strength to Resist Temptation”. Dr. Isaac R. Clark and students also give sermon critique. The Protestant Hour broadcast features Dr. Katherine Gonzalez.

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00:00:08 Audio begins with prayer.

00:0040 Introduces Matthew 4:1-11.

00:03:16 Introduces sermon: Inner Strength to Resist Temptation.

00:08:24 Talks about students losing out on education.

00:08:57 Talks about three things that will give inner strength to resist temptation.

00:19:17 Talks about accessing achievement of an objective.

00:24:02 Sermon ends.

00:26:16 Isaac R. Clark talks and students give sermon critique.

00:50:32 Prayer.

00:51:19 Introduces James 1:12-14.

00:52:51 Introduces sermon: Inner Strength to Resist Temptation.

00:58:17 Suggests three Trinitarian points.

00:59:15 Audio cuts off.

00:59:24 Audio returns with prayer.

00:59:55 Introduces Matthew 4:1-11.

01:02:33 Introduces sermon: Inner Strength to Resist Temptation.

01:08:11 Gives three decisions that will give inner strength to overcome temptation.

01:17:58 Talks about the importance of preparing the self to accomplish objectives.

01:22:20 Sermon is cut off.

01:22:35 The Protestant Hour broadcast with Dr. Katherine Gonzalez.

01:52:23 Audio ends.


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