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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1968

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Several Interdenominational Theological Center students present introductions to sermons followed by questions and critique. Also included is WAOK complete radio coverage of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The coverage includes remarks by President Lyndon B. Johnson, John A. Middleton (president of Morris Brown College) and Edward K. Weaver Atlanta University.

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00:00:10 Audio begins with conversation.

00:00:16 Jerry Woodford introduces himself and introduces Psalm 100.

00:03:28 George Tylor introduces himself and scripture of Judges 6:12:21.

00:07:26 Questions and critique.

00:11:47 Unidentified man introduces poem.

00:15:25 Jerome Walker introduces himself and text of Matthew.

00:17:38 Questions and critique.

00:18:31 Karen Collier introduces herself and Job 2:1-10.

00:21:14 Questions and critique.

00:29:12 Elijah Henry introduces himself and Psalm 37.

00:31:35 Questions and critique.

00:35:40 Detroit Williams introduces himself and Psalm 51.

00:39:06 Questions and critique.

00:46:23 Audio cuts off.

00:46:31 Unidentified man delivers whooping prayer.

00:49:16 Song : Love of God sung by James Cleveland.

00:53:01 Unidentified voice from WAOK radio makes announcements about mass meeting about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy.

00:53:28 Rev. L.B. Robinson of the Kirkwood Community Church and Christian Center gives remarks on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.

00:54:10 Unidentified male voice talks about the Second Mt. Olive Baptist Church and Rev. J.L. Jones.

00:54:22 Song: Precious Lord sung by Rev. C.L. Franklin.

00:58:39 Rev. W.G. Stafford talks about Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination.

00:59:19 Rev. C. L. Franklin preaches.

01:01:27 President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks on Dr. King’s assassination.

01:09:30 Unidentified male voice talks about Mayor Ivan Allen, Herbert T. Jenkins, the Atlanta University Center, and Benjamin E. Mays.

01:13:00 Dr. John A. Middleton, President of Morris Brown College, talks about the student march in response to King assassination of Dr. King.

01:13:47 Attorney Vernon Jordon of the voter education project talks student march in response to Dr. King assassination.

01:18:44 President of Alexander and company talks about his relationship with Dr. King.

01:20:24 Song : The Only Hope We Have, by Mahalia Jackson.

01:25:20 Dr. R.C. Bell president of the North Georgia Dental Society of Negro Dentists talks about the assassination death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

01:27:52 Song: What a Difference in My Life Since My Heart Been Changed, by Mahalia Jackson.

01:32:45 mEdward K. Weaver dean of the Atlanta University school of education talks about Dr. King death.

01:35:10 Song: Two Wings, by the Harold Bailey singers.

01:38:51 Oliver Singleton director of the AFL-CIO region 6 gives remarks on Dr. Kings death.

01:40:33 Song: Ask What You Will, by Robert Whitfield soloist.

01:45:20 Audio ends.


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