[Report on Chief Impressions of the New Deli Assembly of the World Council of Churches]

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Dr. Harry V. Richardson, Bishop R.R. Wright and Rev. W.H. Graves participate in a panel discussion at the Interdenominational Theological Center. The three panelists discuss their chief impressions of the Assembly of the World Council of Churches held in the country of India. Included in the discussion are issues related to the universal church such as unity and the westernization of Christianity. Dr. Richardson also discusses the environment and climate of India.

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00:00:06 Unidentified man introduces the audio as a panel discussion held at 2nd annual World Missions conference in the closing days of January at the Interdenominational Theological Center. He introduces speakers.

00:00:53 Dr. Harry V. Richardson asks Rev. Graves to give his impressions of the world council.

00:01:23 Rev. Graves’s talks about youth recognizing the unity of church coming through fellowship.

00:05:10 Dr. Richardson thanks Rev. Graves and talks about council being in the home (India) of people who do not believe as they do.

00:07:44 Bishop Wright gives his impression on council and India. Talks about how by the way Indians lived he couldn’t tell they were not Christians.

00:10:01 Talks about Christianity as it is taught and as it is lived coming into contact with other religion.

00:15:05 Talks about most denominations being out of date but people cling to them as something in the past.

00:16:51 Audio ends.


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