[Student Reports on the 19th Ecumenical Student Conference on Christian World Missions]

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Interdenominational Theological students George Calvin and Ralph Allen (Gammon Theological Seminary), John Cabot (Morehouse School of Religion) and Thomas Hoyt Jr. (Phillips School of Theology) give presentations on their observations from the conference on Christian world missions. Their presentations include conference activities, worship services, lectures and reports from churches around the world.

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00:00:05 Unidentified man talks about delegation from the Interdenominational Theological Center attending the 19th Ecumenical Student Conference on Christian World Mission held on the campus of Ohio University in Athens Ohio, and says the theme of the conference was “For the Life of the World”.

00:00:40 Talks about how each of the participating schools in the ITC were represented and calls the names of those representatives from each school.

00:04:31 George Calvin (Gammon Theological Seminary) talks about New Year’s Eve activities including an African dance. In addition there was a movie (British comedy called “Murder she said”).

00:08:18 John Cabot (Morehouse School of Religion) talks about one of the high points of the conference concerned the reports from the churches from various parts of the world. The five reports were from Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Indonesia, Angola and South Africa.

00:13:03 Ralph Allen (Gammon Theological Seminary) talks about conference being concerned with making this world and universe a place to worship. Also talks about the conference worship services examination of the dove and the communion services.

00:19:11 Thomas Hoyt Jr. (Phillips School of Theology) talks about the missionary perspective and how Christianity is a missionary endeavor but how Christians don’t know how to be missionaries.

00:28:26 Unidentified man adds the civil rights issue was not evaded during the council assembly.

00:29:57 Audio ends.


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