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Henry H. Crane

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Henry H. Crane gives a lecture on the ethical demands of Christianity. Mr. Crane contrasts religious ceremonial elaboration with the ethical demand of religion. He explains the fundamental ethical demands of Christianity are made clear by the example of Jesus. Mr. Crane also gives four alternative choices of actions in response to the crucifixion of Jesus and discusses how the conversion of Constantine numbed the ethical sensibilities of Christians and damned the Christian cause.

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00:00:05 Henry H. Crane gives thanks for his introduction and talks about remembering.

00:04:27 Talks about after all the theological discussions and theories he has heard when it comes down to one thing he knows what it is all about. The one thing Jesus said that is unequivocal (did you love the least of these).

00:11:14 Talks about how people put on airs to impress the multitude with elaboration of the ceremony. This can be endured if one is really trying to say something of ethical significance.

00:18:00 Talks about the business of preaching the cross. Fundamental ethical demands are clear by the example of the master himself.

00:28:20 Talks about wars and if they are holy, and is the only way to save civilization is then to draft preachers.

00:35:12 Talks about four alternatives of actions in response to the crucifixion. One is the crucial emasculation of the moral nature of a human being. The second alternative is to escape. The third alternative is voluntariness which is to leap to the aid of the hurt (lifting the cross).

00:56:55 Talks about the saddest thing that ever happened to Christianity is when St. Constantine was converted and damned the whole cause of Christianity. Praise God and pass the ammunition. This was the numbing all ethical sensibilities.

00:58:38 Talks about how the only way any social transformation has ever been brought about in is by somebody developing such a sensitized conscious that he is willing to die for it.

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