[Truth and the Undiscoverable and Inescapable God by Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen]

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President of the Interdenominational Theological Center Dr. Harry V. Richardson introduces board chairman Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen (president emeritus of Union Theological Seminary, New York City). Dr. Van Dusen talks about the undiscoverable and inescapable God. He talks about the effort of Jesus as a teacher and the role of the preacher. He also explains how the truth becomes a reality in our inner life. Outstanding ITC students are also recognized by Dr. Charles B. Copher.

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00:00:06 Unidentified man reads 139th Psalm.

00:03:00 Music plays and man sings.

00:10:00 Dr. Harry V. Richardson introduces chairman of the Interdenominational Theological Center board of trustees Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen, president emeritus of Union Theological Seminary of New York City.

00:10:21 Dr. Van Dusen thanks Dr. Richardson and comments how delighted he is to be back.

00:11:35 Talks about the undiscoverable and inescapable God.

00:19:08 Talks about how persons have recourse to a method of Jesus called the logic of common sense. Questions that are brought to Jesus are usually answered with a counter question or parable. Talks about Jesus effort as a teacher and the role of a preacher is to make vivid to people what they already know.

00:23:23 Talks about how he was once a systematic theologian by profession and how he has taught and written. In writings has tried to show the God is real, personal and is loving.

00:32:32 Talks about how God has a personal intention for everyone and what they would gain in the collective worship.

00:35:59 Talks about how the purpose of worship is to be in tune to the Spirit of God where he can speak to us. Says Quakers are right in that worship should be mostly silence.

00:39:56 Talks about truth and how can it become a reality of inner life. If passionate enthusiasm for truth isn’t contagious then he is not a real teacher.

00:45:56 Dr. Harry V. Richardson encourages attendees to sing hymn.

00:49:14 Dr. Harry V. Richardson conducts the dean’s hour, recognizing outstanding students.

00:49:44 Rev. W. Clyde Williams calls on recognized students to stand.

00:50:14 Dr. Copher talks about early in the life of ITC the faculty decided to promote academic excellence and voted for a dean’s hour.

00:53:17 Dr. Richardson thanks Dr. Copher and Mr. Williams. Thanks the chairman of the board and prays and gives benediction.

00:59:32 Music plays.

01:03:16 Audio ends.


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