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Dr. Thomas introduces Dr. McCullen who gives a presentation on the development of the AME church. Dr. McCullen divides the AME church into three periods spanning the lives of Bishop Richard Allen, Bishop Morris Brown, Bishop Daniel Payne, Bishop Henry M. Turner and Bishop C.S. Smith. Within their periods Dr. McCullen details of the character and disposition each of these AME Bishops.

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00:00:05 Dr. Thomas introduces Dr. McCullen.

00:00:18 Dr. McCullen talks about the rise and development of the AME church and the three periods. The first period is the initial expansion (era of Richard Allen and Morris Brown 1816-1855). The second is the era of Daniel Payne (1856-1892). The third is the era of Henry M. Turner, L. J. Copin and C.S. Smith (1892-1922). The fourth period is from 1923-1961.

00:06:02 Talks about Richard Allen (prior to AME church) winning new converts to Methodism and the two basic underlying motives of AME programs of missions responding in obedience to the mandates of the Lord.

00:12:07 Talks about 1817 and 1818 how Methodist conference sent out missionaries to win over Black Converts.

00:17:12 Talks about the birth of the American colonization society and in 1820,and the first ship load of Black colonists leaving for Liberia to colonize it.

00:23:16 Talks about keeping up with fugitive slaves who went into the North and some into Canada.

00:30:10 Talks about the church getting established on the Pacific Coast, having to deal with the Gold Rush, and Charles Stuart conducting prayer meetings in homes.

00:32:05 Ends presentation and takes questions.

01:23:40 Picks presentation back up and talks about rewarding research.

01:30:04 Talks about Bishop Turner’s public career, calling him a soldier and statesman. He was chaplain of colored troops.

01:36:19 Talks about Bishop Turner’s character and disposition. States he was fearless in his attacks on local, state and national governments.

01:42:30 Talks about 1903 and the article Bishop Turner writes.

01:44:34 Questions from audience.

01:50:21 Dr. Thomas thanks Dr. McCullen for his presentation and gives final remarks.

02:00:39 Choir sings.

02:01:35 Dr. Robert Skinner of Amarillo Texas gives a benediction and Jerry Vandvender signs off the Protestant hour.

02:03:23 Audio ends.


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