[The Church and Violence, Part 7: Overt and Covert Violence]

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Bishop F. D. Jordan, Dr. Ed Carothers, and Monsignor John J. Egan give presentations at the Interdenominational Theological Center. In their presentations they discuss the topic of violence and the church response to it. Within the discussion, issues concerning the pervasiveness of violence, cruelty of systemic violence, and overt and covert violence are discussed.

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00:00:09 Bishop F.D. Jordan acknowledges Bishop Hickman and greets attendees and tells how grateful he is of previous speaker.

00:02:57 Talks about the African Methodist Episcopal Church being the branch of American Methodism that resulted from the initiative of Africans in America just three years after the Christian conference in which American Methodism was organized under the leadership of 26 year old man (Richard Allen). Talks about a protest at St. George church.

00:07:04 Talks about the Black church of all denominations reflect the condition of its constituency in the society. In comparison to White churches, the Black church is poor.

00:17:16 Talks about a preliminary study by state legislative committees reveals wide discrepancies in justice given out to the poor and the rich.

00:23:47 Talks about Christian love must be more than sentimentality. It must never be less than justice, it must be freedom.

00:27:07 Bishop Hickman introduces John J. Egan.

00:32:40 Father John J. Egan talks about how he is not afraid of the word “revolution” and he believes in the need for strong and perhaps violent structural revolution.

00:37:07 Talks about how he believes that the Christians will use violence to defend the weak and to subdue the violent if for no other method is more effective.

00:42:16 Talks about the question of violence and the problems of society.

00:48:43 Gives example of violence in housing.

00:58:23 Talks about language difference and native language. Talks about how violence is done to Black children by correcting speech and that disrespect is shown toward parents who they learned how to speak from. Parents and culture is devalued.

01:02:26 Talks about how all established order is violent because it is based on power other than persuasion.

01:05:11 Dr. Carothers talks about the assumption of violence and its causes.

01:06:16 Talks about arguments that man is violent by nature and arguments that uphold the psychological values of war.

01:10:58 Talks about what he sees emerging in the Church is a new perception that a compassionate people can produce a cruelty culture.

01:10:58 Talks about the kind of violence that upholds an agricultural price system while helpless people who have been made useful on the land are left to starve.

01:20:36 Talks about overt and covert violence.

01:32:02 Talks about the conflicts within recent years within the churches.

01:35:42 Questions.

01:54:28 Dr. Harry V. Richardson talks about tomorrow being a discussion day.

01:58:08 Herman Moore gives Benediction.

01:59:28 Audio ends.


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