[The Church and Violence, Part 8: Biblical Examples of Violence]

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In a discussion on violence and the church, lecture participants present Biblical examples of violence. Dr. L. Harold DeWolf proposes a definition of Christian faith, and how it is readily opposed to violence, but how violence may be needed to prevent more of it. Also ethical issues related to violence are discussed.

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00:00:48 Talks about how theology faces violence and chapter 16 and verse 16 of Luke.

00:02:47 Gives four suggestions of what the word “violently” in Luke 16: 16 may mean.

00:05:54 Gives personal suggestions of what book may mean.

00:07:21 Introduces Dr. L. Harold DeWolf for lecture.

00:08:08 Talks about violence and proposes definition of Christian faith.

00:21:23 Talks about sometimes it is necessary to respond to violence by carefully restrained limiting violence.

00:25:30 Talks about where violence is going on, men of good will should work toward reconciliation.

00:30:36 Talks about the Apostle Paul being at his best when he declared we were called to be ministers of reconciliation. The goal of reconciliation is the goal of Christians.

00:35:36 Concludes lecture presentation.

00:40:12 Man talks about determining any particular situation in which non-violence is to be preferred over violence and the three questions that must be asked.

00:55:20 Talks about those who are most friendly are not the ones who need to be won if reform is to be successful. Converts must be made among those who are unfriendly.

01:00:18 Talks about the standard staples of social reform being education, organization, political action and economic pressure.

01:05:49 Lecture presentation ends.


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