[The Church and Violence, Part 11: Seminar Reports and Discussions]

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At the conference on church and violence at the ITC various participants give reports on the conference. Within the reports include issues related to the topics of theology and the Bible, conflict, denominational involvement in the inner city, and inner city programs by government agencies. At the conclusion of reports, observations of and suggestions for the conference are made.

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00:00:07 Unidentified woman speaks about system being flexible.

00:05:39 Talks about reaching for a theology of power and a theology of change.

00:06:07 Unidentified man gives report on the seminar Theology and violence. The chairman of the session was Dr. Ellis Richards and leader was Dr. Mack B. Stokes. Talks about session theological questions.

00:12:16 Talks about it is the Christian philosophy to respect all people. Called as leaders not to preach biblical literalism but truth.

00:17:33 Concludes presentation.

00:18:01 Unidentified man talks about concerns.

00:23:22 Presentation ends.

00:23:25 Mr. McKinnon served as chairman of group. Talks about how the national Baptist convention was lacking in its efforts as well as the CME church.

00:30:26 Unidentified man talks about inner city programs and the role of the church. Concerned with the time of bandage practices.

00:44:32 Unidentified man talks about Ecumenical Institute and its involvement of the inner city communities.

00:49:24 Josephus Coleman talks about group on government programs. Talks about representatives from the local welfare, health and education offices.

01:00:01 Suggestions for conference from audience.

02:01:20 Audio ends.


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