[The Church and Violence, Part 12: Discussions Continue]

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Participants in the conference on Church and violence at the Interdenominational Theological Center give reports on the conference sessions. Dr. Harry V. Richardson president of the Interdenominational Theological Center responds to suggestions from participants and an ITC male student presents paper on the social tragedy of hopelessness and violence.

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00:00:05 Unidentified Man talks about recommendations.

00:05:08 Ike Ambrose Hindrel as student at ITC talks about three forms of violence: economic, law and political.

00:11:36 Bishop Johnson talks about being dubious about what statements can do, but a statement from the conference might be helpful. Proposes the churches to confess its participation in violence against minorities in the country.

00:17:28 Bishop Johnson recognizes the difficulty of having a conference of this nature in the times that are passing.

00:22:58 Audio cuts off.

00:23:09 Dr. Harry V. Richardson talks about church being multiracial. Talks about reason for convocation were about involving the whole church and would be of use to the Interdenominational Theological Center and to put the image of the school in the eyes of the nation.

00:35:39 Dr. Richardson thanks those in attendance for their recommendations.

00:35:40 Questions from the audience.

00:39:13 Unidentified man presents paper to audience and talks about the presentation of a senator.

00:43:09 Talks about talk active concern and the police being in the inner city community not to protect those in the community but to protect those outside the community from those inside the inner city community.

00:48:09 Talks about confronted those who are no more understanding of the problems of human nature than a dead man.

00:54:21 Talks about the government and his reflection upon its laws.

00:58:57 Talks about government agency personnel knowing community from a theoretical point of view and imposing values upon the community that are not relative to the needs of poor people.

01:00:10 Audio ends.


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